Dr. John Berezny was born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Warren Hills Regional Senior High School in 1986. He continued his education and obtained a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at Montclair State College in 1990.

Dr. Berezny graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia in 1994. He began his post undergraduate education there in October of 1990. Graduating as valedictorian of his class, he was awarded the clinical excellence award for outstanding performance in the college’s outpatient chiropractic clinic.

While attending chiropractic school, he worked in a large successful chiropractic office as an assistant to the chiropractor.

Following graduation and after obtaining National Board Certification and State Board Certification and licensure in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey he obtained an associate position in one of the most successful offices in New Jersey. He worked in that office for over one and a half years before opening his own private practice in Flanders, New Jersey in November of 1995.

Here, Dr. Berezny has built a busy and successful family oriented practice based upon health, wellness, and prevention. His practice continues to grow on account of the great results his patients experience and on their referrals of friends and loved ones who they wish to experience better health and wellness, naturally, through chiropractic care.

Dr. Berezny balances his busy professional career with a commitment to family, community and church. He is married to a wonderful wife, Kristina. They are raising two beautiful, healthy children – Michael and Maria.

Dr. Berezny is a strong believer in community and church involvement, family values and commitment, as well as professional service to his community through chiropractic care and health education. He lectures frequently in his office as well as for local groups, organizations, and schools to promote natural health and wellness.

Dr. Berezny is an integral part of a strong network of chiropractors as a member of the Council of New Jersey Chiropractors (CNJC), the Association of NJ Chiropractors (ANJC) and the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). He is asked frequently to make referrals within New Jersey and throughout the United States and abroad.

If you haven’t personally experienced the benefits of better health through chiropractic, you may call my office, our initial consultations are always free to answer your questions.  We would love to see you at one of our Health Talks.  If our office is not convenient for you and  you need a referral to a local chiropractor, you may visit to locate a convenient office. A world of better health awaits you!” – Dr. John J. Berezny


Dr. Bernadette Vallorosi was born and raised in Parsippany, New Jersey. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Montclair State University in 1994. She went on to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1998.

After obtaining her state licensure she was employed as an associate doctor in a private practice for six years in Millburn, New Jersey. She has been employed as an associate at Berezny Chiropractic since January of 2006.

Dr. Bernadette and her husband Peter are raising a healthy family, including four children, through natural chiropractic care along with the other health essentials taught at Berezny Chiropractic.


Kathy joined the staff of Berezny Chiropractic in September 2001. She is a New Jersey native. Prior to joining the team at Berezny Chiropractic, she was a hairstylist for 34 years. Ultimately, she was looking for a career change.

"I was a chiropractic patient before coming to work for Berezny Chiropractic. I live in Flanders with my husband Basil and my four children Caitlin, Ryan, Craig, Eric and my grandson Cody. We all live a healthier and happier life because of our regular chiropractic care. And I figured I wanted to be a part of Berezny Chiropractic, not just a patient."


Angie, a mother of three children - Amanda, and twins Alicia and Jilian -- was a hairstylist for 35 years prior to joining the Berezny Chiropractic team. As a hairstylist she spent the majority of her days standing working with clients. Over the years this led to having severe sciatica and shoulder pain.

"I came to Berezny Chiropractic and became a patient of Dr. John. Following Dr. John’s care plan I was not only relieved of my pain, but have also experienced other health benefits and have continued with regular chiropractic care for myself and my family. I joined the staff of Berezny Chiropractic in November 2003."

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